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The Importance of a Good Introduction

When you bring your new kitty home, the introduction process is very important.

A little time and patience can make all the difference. 

Step One: The first few days

The new cat should have a room of his own for a few days. If you already have a cat, exchange the new cat's bedding with the resident cat's. This way they will be able to become familiar with each others scent first, before meeting face to face.




Step Two 


Next, rotate the rooms and let the new cat explore the rest of the house while the resident cat spends time in the new cat's room. When they have become comfortable with this step, let them see each other through a cracked door. Try letting them play with some string placed under the door, so that it they each have one end of it.


Before long, they should become calm in eachother's presence, and then it is time to let the new cat out for a bit, increasing the length of the visits gradually each day. This process may take a few days or a few months, depending on the personalities of the cats. Generally, it will take less time when one of the cats is a younger cat, under four months.




If at any time the cats become fearful or hostile, return the newcomer to his room. A minor setback will not ruin the budding friendship, but an aggressive encounter could be remembered for a long time and should be avoided.


If you run into problems, just back up to the previous stage and move carefully forward again. 



Additonal Tips


  • Throughout this process, always speak soothingly to the cats. 

  • Praise them generously when they are tolerant with each other.

  • Do not scold either cat when they are together, or they will associate this with their being near each other. 

  • You will need to give extra special attention to the resident cat. After all it is his home and territory that is being invaded. 

  • Until they become friends, you should only give the new cat love and attention away from the resident cat.

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