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 Our History 


Please click the image below from The Whitewater Press to learn how we got started. 


Our First Mascot


Our beloved mascot, who passed away

November 26th, 2005.


Jesus saw Lilly suffering that day. A very special cat, she was caught in a steel trap. So Jesus sent an angel to pass her way. Lilly was to be rescued. Jesus had a plan to unlay. He knew of a shelter that was to have this stray. She would nurture orphaned kittens. She would be a shining ray. She would adopt Tiny Tim, and make him her own. She would greet the visitors,and for a quarter make herself known. She was our precious funny friend, who ate our Doritos while we were on the phone. Lil became ill, her life was fading away. The volunteers love and prayers could not hold death at bay. Jesus had an assignment for Lilly to obey. "Lilly," Jesus called and she heard him say, "I need you in the meadow to teach my kittens how to play. The butterflies are flying, and they're all getting away." "I'm coming Jesus." Lilly replied. "But first I must tell Tiny and the volunteers not to cry. They must trust Jesus. You know best, and you know why! I will be in your hearts forever. I will always be nearby. I hear Jesus calling, I must be on my way. Goodbye dear Tiny and family, til we meet at the bridge one day."


by: Janna Burhop

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