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Cats who have found their forever home

Cutie Pie:

Here is Cutie Pie that we adopted from you guys back in February of 2019. She's doing great and loves playing with her brother Ozzy!

cutie pie.jpg

Ali and Scooter:

We adopted these two beauties in 2016.  Ashley (formerly known as Ali), and Thor (formerly known as Scooter) have become best buddies.  They have enriched our lives, and we could not imagine life without them!  We’ve truly been Touched by a Paw (or two)!


One random Saturday, I walked into Touched by a Paw. I had been feeling a little lonely in my first solo apartment and wanted to visit some kitties in order to cheer myself up. Little did I know that, the moment I turned a corner that I would feel an instant connection to a little kitty named Jackson. I hadn’t gone in with the intention of adopting a cat, but I left knowing I had to adopt Jackson. Jackson is and forever will be my sweet boy. Soon, it’ll be three years since I adopted Jackson. He’s been a great companion for me, and I hope to find a little brother from Touched by a Paw for him this fall.



Ella, formerly Fancy, is now a sassy 1 yr old as of the 19th of August. The office chair is her most favorite thing ever. She’s so friendly and outgoing and loves attention. Thank you!



I wanted to send a quick update and a HUGE thank you from me and Sierra, now named Todd. At home, he's settling in amazingly well. He's been exploring every nook and cranny, and LOVING the windows and sunlight today. He's very affectionate, comes to me chirping for pets or to be picked up and cuddled, and loves snoozing sprawled out on my lap.  Todd is an absolute sweetheart and has already brought so much joy and goodness to my heart in the first hours of having him with me. I can't thank you enough for all that you do for these incredible creatures.



Just wanted you to know Ba Lue and I are bonding really well.  He’s very sassy and confident and happy. I’m very happy with him.  He’s funny and loving.  Thank you again for caring for him these last two years.


This is our Mcdee adopted in 2004 after a student volunteer decided to adopt this sweet guy. He’s been with us ever since and is now the proud big brother to 2 humans who keep him very busy. Mcdee loves getting love from them morning and night. He’s the sweetest cat ever and so happy he’s a part of our family!



This is Toby, adopted in October of 2017. He likes to help with laundry, snuggle, chill up high in his cat tree, and loves to chase around his adopted big brother Bam Bam.



I adopted him in fall 2016--he was known as "Quentin" then but goes by Zorro now. Zorro has lived in Milwaukee his entire life. Zorro is the best kitty ever and brings my life so much joy! He is incredibly affectionate and loves cuddling and laying on laps. He's a person cat and likes to introduce himself to everyone (even if they aren't sure they'd like to meet him!). He is also a bit sassy and always keeps me on my toes He has a big personality! As you can see, he is also very handsome.  I can't imagine my life without him and thank Touched By A Paw so much!



We adopted Pretty. We've renamed her Moody (after the one-eyed character in Harry Potter). We just wanted to let you know that Moody is settling in just fine.  She is such a wonderful kitty! And she is very smart. We already adore her. Thanks for taking such good care of her.



I adopted Bunny after five years of her being at Touched by a Paw. She's very loving, happy and playful. Bunny was out and exploring within a couple hours of bringing her home. Thank you for taking such good care of her!



I just wanted to touch base with you and let you

know how well Shane is doing in his new home!  I have

renamed him however.  His name is Dash and I call him Dash- Dash Kitty flash; he just loves it!  He’s a talker and a snuggler and he is so great with people!  

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