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Our Lost Loved Ones
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And can it be that in a world so full and busy, the loss of one small creature makes a void in any heart, so wide and deep that nothing but the width and depth of vast eternity can fill it up.
Charles Dickens
Esme was a beautiful little girl who came into this world very ill. She was fostered by two foster moms who both loved her dearly. Sometimes all the love in the world can't keep our little ones alive. Esme passed away in her sleep, but was surrounded by love her whole time on this earth.
Kandee came to us with her littermates Kyle, Kylee, Kaylee, and Kevin and her mommy Katrina. Kandee crossed over the rainbow bridge on July 14, 2007 and waits on the other side for her brothers and sisters, mom, and foster parents.
Vertigo came to us with Feline Leukemia. He was fostered with a lot of love, but finally did become ill and passed away due to his disease. His foster family loved him and took care of him the whole time he was here with us.
Our beloved mascot, who passed away November 26th, 2005.
Jesus saw Lilly suffering that day. A very special cat, she was caught in a steel trap. So Jesus sent an angel to pass her way. Lilly was to be rescued. Jesus had a plan to unlay. He knew of a shelter that was to have this stray. She would nurture orphaned kittens. She would be a shining ray. She would adopt Tiny Tim, and make him her own. She would greet the visitors,and for a quarter make herself known. She was our precious funny friend, who ate our Doritos while we were on the phone. Lil became ill, her life was fading away. The volunteers love and prayers could not hold death at bay. Jesus had an assignment for Lilly to obey. "Lilly," Jesus called and she heard him say, "I need you in the meadow to teach my kittens how to play. The butterflies are flying, and they're all getting away." "I'm coming Jesus." Lilly replied. "But first I must tell Tiny and the volunteers not to cry. They must trust Jesus. You know best, and you know why! I will be in your hearts forever. I will always be nearby. I hear Jesus calling, I must be on my way. Goodbye dear Tiny and family, til we meet at the bridge one day."
by Janna Burhop
Charlie was adopted by our friend Lorri. His original owner passed away from cancer. Then the lady who promised to care for him also died of cancer. He was adopted from TBAP and went to live in his new home until he also passed away from cancer in August of 2006.
Fox was also adopted by Lorri from TBAP. Fox crossed over the Rainbow Bridge in August of 2006.
Fred is also a Touched By A Paw cat adopted by Lorri. He passed away in April of 2007.
Anna was one of our sweet little FIV girls who passed away in 2006.
Rose was a wonderful senior cat. She came to us at about 18 years of age and was blind and deaf. She didn't do well at the shelter so she went into foster care with her humans, Tammy, Lumpy, Jess, and Michaela. She became fast friends with Michaela and lived in her room for almost a year. Some people may have wanted to put her to sleep, but she had a wonderful life! Happy, purring, and sleeping with her Michaela. She passed away on 9/26/07 and is greatly missed by her foster family.
Gary came into the shelter with his brother Gabby in August 2006 as abandoned little babies. They were bottle fed and have been at the shelter ever since. Sadly, Gary passed away unexpectedly on 10/5/07, having never found his forever home. Gary is missed by everyone at the shelter as these are two of the most snuggly babies you will ever find.
Seeley was born 4-4-04 and died on 11-5-07. He had an undiagnosed heart valve problem. He was 3 and 1/2 years old. He loved to "talk" and was playfully active until theday before he was called to the Rainbow Bridge. He will be missed by his biological brother & his adopted siblings, as well as his "mom & dad" and all who knew him.
Our beloved Jillian passed away on 3-4-08. She had been with us for a very long time along with her sister Tabitha. She ruled the roost as one of our basement cats. She would pretend to be tough, but when you picked her up she would purr and talk to you. Sadly, cancer took her from us far too soon. She is missed by her whole family of volunteers.
Our dear, sweet Patrick passed away from renal failure on April 22, 2008. He was a joy to have around and made everyone smile. He was toothless, bow-legged, and beat up, but just a big old marshmallow inside. It made us laugh to watch him walk up to us with those bow-legs and toothless grin. He started out in one foster home and was later moved to our cat farm when it was obvious he needed to be outside. He spent his last months laying out on the deck in the sun and spending time in his cat condo with his girlfriend. He is greatly missed by both foster families and his cat family on the farm. Rest in peace, our sweet Patrick.
Bernie's family writes... Bernie was the greatest gift we received from Touched By A Paw. He came to the cat farm after being at the shelter for years. He quickly became a family favorite. He warmed our hearts and laps while he was with us. Bernie is greatly missed.
Toby was a gentle giant. He came into the shelter starving and skeletal and then went on to more than make up for his earlier lack of food. He became a big old boy and was happiest when he went to our cat farm and could run around with his "posse". Toby passed away in his sleep in May of 2008 and is missed by his foster famliy and all his friends on the cat farm.

Farley and Frannie were with us for far too short a time. They came to us small and injured and it was discovered that they had a rare bone disease. Sadly, they were never able to grow up and experience a full life. But we know the time that they had with their foster mom they were loved and cared for and that's more than some animals ever get to have.
Tiny Tim was our much loved shelter mascot for over ten years. He came in as a tiny baby and never really wanted to be anywhere else. You could always find him cuddled up with one of the other shelter cats and he was always right at the door waiting to beg for more of his special food. He passed away on 8/21/08 and all our volunteers will be missing this tiny little guy. Bye Tiny Tiny Tim!
Sid was the most wonderful little gentleman. He captured all of our hearts. He was a big old teddy bear who came in at a whopping 22 pounds but was gentle as a lamb. He was the light of his family's lives and they miss him terribly. Sid passed away on 6/27/08 and will be missed by all.